CorrigoPro v4.1 adds invoicing support and more!

The CorrigoPro Direct API has added new methods and notifications to support Invoicing, managing appointment times, and added additional parameters that have been requested by our integrators.

This update includes the following changes:


Note: Invoicing for work orders received before v4.1

Going forward from v4.1, work orders that you receive will be immediately available within the Invoicing App and exposed to all of the invoicing methods.

However, work orders sent prior to v4.1 (September 13th, 2018) follow the earlier workflow, and must be Completed before they are visible to the new invoicing methods (or the CorrigoPro Desktop: Invoicing App).


Event Notification Headers

  • Event Notification message Headers have been extended to include "event-type". (This value will be identical to the value for Action that is within the body of the message.)

Additional data

Direct Tools

  • Headers for requests and responses are now included in messages within the Web Services Usage Log of the CorrigoPro Direct tile.