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Can you send a quote without a WO being opened?

Is it possible to upload a quote without a WO being opened? Or is there a way for us as a vendor to submit a quote on a WO we generate so we can submit a quote?

Invoicing questions

Hiyas! Couple of questions around Invoicing: 1. According to the docs (<https://developer.corrigopro.com/docs/enumerations#lineitemcategory>), there are a couple of LineItemCategory options available. I'd like to be using Labour and Materials, as these would be standard across Corrigo customers. However the API is rejecting all Categories I try to use, other than “PriceList” and “Tax”. PriceList is problematic, as we have no way programmatically of telling which option in the customer's PriceList is the most appropriate for a given lineitem. Is there a way to avoid using PriceList, and simply specifying just "Labour" and "Materials" categories instead? 2. Following on from the above, if I _must_ use the PriceList category, are there any standard/preset PriceList options, or ones that I can expect always to be there, to avoid having to treat this differently for each Corrigo customer? 3. For the Tax lineitem, is the recommended approach to calculate tax on our end and separately send it through, rather than setting a Tax Code on each lineitem and leaving these to Corrigo to compute the tax? 4. Our customers are telling me they need to send through $0 Invoices even when there is nothing to bill, due to the way Corrigo is configured, always requiring an Invoice to be provided. Is there a way to avoid this, and not be forced to send an Invoice where none is required?

Not seeing our customer in Corrigo ....?

Our company has three Corrigo account but we service two locations through JLL using Corrigo. Right now, only one of those Corrigo accounts is able to submit work orders. These are in two different states in the US, California and Pennsylvania, serving two different facilities. Our problem is, we are not able to move forward with invoicing or work orders for the account we just serviced. This is solely due to the fact that after logging in, the customer we are servicing are not listed as our customer in California. They simply don't show up. Customer support is unable to help us. Our client is unable to help us. Help?

set unknow location on checkin/checkout via api

i tried the below code to check in from unknown location. <https://am-api.corrigopro.com/Direct/api/workOrder/checkin> "Location": { "Latitude": -1, "Longitude": -1 }, "PerformedBy": { "Name": "Telgian" }, "WorkOrderId": 20840334, "MessageId": "208403312084033120840331" } i want to show a message like "user1 has checked in from an unknown location, 6:25 PM" in Corrigo message window. I googled it and find this solution to pass -1. it checked in successfully but with the message "user1 has checked in 7,682.65 miles from the service location, 6:16 PM" how can i achieve this? any help will be appreciated.

KBS Customer Intergration - Request to add WorksZoneNumber to Corrigo Pro UI dashboard

Is it possible to is possible to make the 'WorkZoneNumber' visable is the Corrigo Pro UI dashboard? This would eliminate the errors we see when trying to match rules for Customer Integration.

Search work order in Corrigo

How to search work order in corrigo ?

How do I submit an electronic invoice for my customer

How do I submit an electronic invoice for my customer

Complete WOrkorder Message

We are receiving a "Complete Work Order" message back upon work order checkout asking "HOW MANY TECHS WORKED ON THIS JOB?, "REFRIGERANT", and "IF THIS LOCATION IS UNDER REF/HVAC SERVICE CONTRACT, EXPLAIN WHY THIS SERVICE REPAIR IS NOT COVERED". Is this required or is this configurable and we can turn this off? If so, how do we make this change? Thanks.

Verify data by using sign and a public certificate in ASP.NET Core

Hi Team, I am trying to validate my Webhook request in Asp.Net Core when receiving new workorder notification from Corrigo and I got the hit on my specified controller but before preceding further I want to validate my request header token as mentioned in : https://developer.corrigopro.com/docs/authorization#section-token-validation Can you please guide me in this scenerio...

Showing documents on list view

Is it possible to show if a WO has an attachment in the list view?