Introduction to CorrigoPro Direct API

This section provides an overview of the CorrigoPro Direct API.

CorrigoPro Direct is the easiest way to connect your in-house CMMS system to the CorrigoPro Network.

CorrigoPro Direct provides programmatic access to your CorrigoPro Network work order data and business processes through RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web services. RESTful web services are lightweight, stateless, highly scalable, and make your integration simple and easy.

Benefits for Service Pros

Because CorrigoPro Direct works with your existing work order system, Service Pros can expect to:

  • Avoid swivel chair
  • Stay in the know with real-time data processing and event notifications
  • Spend less time training employees
  • Exchange information with clients directly via the CorrigoPro Network
  • Cut down response time for customer inquiries and service requests
  • Be protected by OAuth 2.0 authorization framework
  • Experience superior reliability, including backup via CorrigoPro Desktop and service interruption notifications
    CorrigoPro Direct works with all of your existing Corrigo customers.

CorrigoPro Direct Workflow


What’s Next